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How To Attract A Guy: A Sure-Fire Approach


Tonight, Go To Bed With A Smile.

You've done it - you've made the decision to seek advice on something you'll truly benefit from - learning how to attract guys. All that time lying awake wondering when - if - you'll ever meet the guy that could put that extra spark in your life. Deep down though, you know it will be so hard because you just don't know how to do it. You leave it up to the guy to make the first move. If only you had the confidence and know-how to make the first move and have it work every time...

Imagine waking up a few years down the road thinking about what life would have been like if you just worked up the confidence to make the first move on that one guy you were always in to but just too afraid to do anything about. Who wants to go through life wondering "What if?" All it takes is that little bit of confidence and you'll never look back on your life wishing you'd done something about that guy, and better yet, never wake up a few years down the road thinking you've just let your life pass you by. But to muster up that courage you need to truly believe that you can have any guy you want, and the best way to build that confidence is to do just that - have any guy you want.

Attracting a guy is easier said that done, right? WRONG.

All it takes is a little education and some practice - both of which can be a lot of fun.. Sometimes it's as simple as smiling, sometimes saying a certain catchy phrase. Sometimes a combination of these. One thing it is not, however, is difficult to master. If you can read this text you can master just a few simple strategies that will have your girlfriends amazed at your new skills . Sick of constantly being the one forced to hear about everyone else's dating life? Not anymore. You're about to become the leader of the pack - the "It" girl.

Think about this - not only will guys be irresistably attracted to you, but all your girlfriends will want to be joined to you at the hip because they'll know you're the one who can get the guys. Your popularity will go through the roof!!! And you'll never have to worry about getting that feeling of "selling yourself out" - you'll never ever change who you are. You'll be staying true to yourself and not becoming someone you're not. All you'll be doing is making some minor changes to the way you react in social situations. It's so simple you'll kick yourself for not trying it before!

Yes yes, we know what some of you are thinking: "But I'm not attractive enough for men to be constantly interested in me". If you think like this, consider this:

1. First of all, you're much more physically attractive than you think you are, and

2. Looks don't nearly matter as much when you use the simple, proven techniques we recommend

Sure, if you just spend your time sitting at a bar and not saying anything to anyone expecting someone else to make the first move, looks are about the only thing a guy can assess you on. But the second you make eye contact, or brush your hair back in a certain way, or smile, or even say anything at all - everything begins to change. Physical looks all of a sudden take a back seat to who you are and what you're about to do. The guy becomes aware that you may be interested in him, and this is more powerful than any physical look any girl could ever have.

If you really want to know how to attract a guy, one of the best things you can do for yourself is understand that guys love it when girls give them attention.

It strokes their ego - it provides them with a deep-seeded pride they're constantly looking to fulfill. When guys go out, they go out looking for women. Not to just hang out and have a drink with their friends. Girls are always on their mind. Why not manipulate this for a little while just to gain their interest - and once you have their interest, all you need to do is use a take things to the next level (which we'll show you how to do) and they become nothing more than putty in your clever, sexy little hands. However, you must understand that this is not where it ends. This is a constant process and just because you have a guy's attention does NOT mean that you'll keep it.

Sounds simple, but believe us when we say you will regret not coming to us earlier - all the opportunities your past had presented you with...waiting for that special guy to come up and make the first move. And we know how valuable your time is - who has the time to sit and wait patiently, night in and night out on the random possibility that a guy will bump into you on the subway or make conversation at the coffee place on the corner? Nobody can afford to let time and opportunity pass them by while not taking advantage of both. It is up to you to make that first move. Nothing will happen if you don't take your destiny into your own hands!

We always hear about great women like yourself with optimistic personalities waiting for that right guy to come along and sweep them off their feet. The next thing you know, 10 years have passed and the same women are still waiting for Mr. Right, but have become so anxious because they feel they are past their prime dating years and are just about ready to give up on that dream life alltogether. If only they had come to us earlier they would have seen how easy it really is to attract men - any man - that they...YOU....want. If you truly want to achieve happiness through love and companionship, don't wait any longer. Take advantage of how we can help you.

Do you know what the #1 reason is why women are afraid to make the first move? Here's a hint: it's the same reason men are afraid to make a move on a woman. The answer is a fear of rejection. Next time you find yourself in a situation where you're interested in a guy you've spotted, ask yourself why you're not doing anything about it. Chances are it's out of fear. Fear of rejection. But dig a little deeper - now that you know a man's attraction towards a woman increases exponentially when she makes the first move - you can no longer fear rejection out of a lack of interest.
It just doesn't make sense. How much would it hurt to shoot him a sexy but subtle little smile when his eyes catch yours?

When you make the first move your sex appeal skyrockets.

If you play the percentages, the only practical way rejection could occur would be because he's already taken. Even then, what guy doesn't want to feel wanted even if he is with someone else? What could it hurt to just flash a smile or say a simple "Hi" to someone you're attracted to? Who knows, maybe he's at the tail end of a relationship and you could be setting yourself up for something great! The worst thing you could do is fill your own head with a bunch of lame excuses of why he would not be interested in you. That's the exact opposite of what you're looking to achive. Instead, think positive. When you think positive thoughts your confidence builds, making you more likely to make that first move and in turn, succeed.

Now, let us ask you this: Are you sick of having dirty, creepy men approach you instead of the good-looking, successful ones? Join the club that. The best way to avoid the weird guys and attract the cute ones is to be proactive about it and take the step to fulfill your desires.

Don't be the girl to sit and wait for the "universe to unfold".

Don't be the girl to sit and watch your friends meet all the great guys.

Don't be the girl to let life pass you by and wake up one day with regrets.

Don't be the girl who doesn't try!


...But don't take our word for it - read what others have said about this process and the Seduction Genie Course...

"I had struggled through the dating scene, going to clubs and bars most weekends and always ended up going home alone. I always had fun, as I was with my friends, but I was always aware that I had trouble meeting men. I mean, I wanted to meet men, but it was hard approaching them, and I didn't get approached by men much.

My sisters and friends all had boyfriends and long-term partners except for me. Then I stumbled across your book and read it. It really forced me to change the way I looked at things, especially my self confidence. It took me about a month of gradually getting the confidence to change things before men started to notice me.

Now when I walk into a bar, men notice me and I have a great time! I find it easier to approach men and talk to them. It's really not as hard as I thought it might be. I feel so great, and it's all thanks to your book."

Anna, New York


OK, ok, we know you're beginning to get the point - you need to be more pro-active in situations where you see a guy you're interested in. But what if you're the type of woman that doesn't often find herself in those types of situations to begin with - situations where you can potentially meet and develop a relationship with an attractive guy? Well if that is you, you're in luck. The beauty of what you're about to learn is applicable and effective in all sorts of situations, even the ones where girls may not normally meet guys.

It doesn't matter if you're out at a nightclub on a Saturday night or in line to get a coffee on a Wednesday morning. The effectiveness of this is just as lethal no matter what day, what time, or even where you use it! Think about it this way, if a cute guy smiles at you, is there ever a situation where you would not like it? Exactly. Using the same strategy of giving someone positive attention you are instilling a sense of excitement and happiness into the guy you want to be with.
And you realize how powerful that is? Men will have a very, VERY hard time saying no to you when you get him excited and make him smile. Consider this: most guys would seem more subject to flirting with a girl at a bar or club, and not at the local coffeeshop on a weekday morning. So wouldn't that make the flirting that much more effective? Of course! They're not being diluted with all sorts of other offers from random women right then and there. If nothing else, it'll provide them with a great start to their day, and they'll feel indebtted to you! It's a virtual lock!

"If there were only some sort of guide that would help me...

  • Tell you what your strengths are so you could play that up when meeting men...
  • Make guys perceive that they were the ones that made the first move, as men take pride in this...
  • Ensure a guy would want to see you again, and be the ones constantly picking up the phone to call you...
  • Show you how to start conversation that would completely seduce him...
  • Turn or keep your relationship hotter than the sun...
  • Make him never take his eyes off of you..."

Well, there is a guide, and it will do all of these things for you and more. Imagine not having to lift a finger to have men crawling all over you from now on, never having to worry about your dating life again. Become the object of every guy's desires, overnight!


Take a look at what a separate customer had to say...

" I had never had much luck with men for years. My family all pestered me to do more to attract a man so I can settle down and have children, but I didn't know where to start! Sure, I would see men that I like, but I wouldn't know how to make them notice me, much less approach them.

After reading Seduction Genie I realized that there was a lot about me that I took for granted. I am a woman, and I have certain qualities that attract men! Now that I have changed the way I look at things, I realize I was selling myself short. I flaunt the fact that I am a woman and that I can be attractive, and it has made such a difference! All of a sudden I have guys wanting to talk to me, and I have dated a few in the last few months. I'm not married with children yet, but I have a new found confidence that men find very attractive! I found a part of me I never knew I had! Thank you so much!"

Sally, Oklahoma


Of course, you want proof. You want something tangible you can believe in before you go any further. This is definitely a good thing - in fact, we think it'd be strange if you didn't want some sort of evidence that these methods speak for themselves and guarantee your path to a successful love life. So, next time you find yourself in a conversation with a guy you like, use the following technique:

Find out what he's passionate about and use this to your advantage!

This is very easy to do. Just ask him what he does on weekends...maybe he'll mention that he's into jogging and goes every weekend. BINGO! You've got a hit. He just told you that he's passionate about jogging and you would be crazy not to talk more about this passion with him! You don't have to be all that interested in the topic, you just have to let him know that you listen to what he has to say (and by the way, guys, just like girls, love to know they're being listened to).

All you have to do is say something like "My brother really likes jogging as well - he was just in Northern California last month and told me about this amazing path he ran right by the ocean..." You'll see his ears perk and his eyes literally light up. Imagine being the guy - he's out, having a great time, talking with a great girl about something he loves. How could things get better for him? He's got it made, and you've got it made! This is about as close to a lock as it gets.

As you've read, you don't need to know anything about the topic he's passionate about. All you have to do is mention it to him and you're as good as gold. If you're wondering how this works, the reasoning behind it is that when he's talking to a woman (you) about something he's passionate about (jogging), he will begin to subconsciously associate his passions with your presence. When this happens, you begin to be viewed on the same level of consciousness within his thinking as his interests and passions.

This was just one small building block of what you'll learn in this guide that describes all the proven methods guaranteed to help you succeed. Think about how easy using that one example can be...piece of cake, right? All these techniques are this simple. We're not here to make your lives more difficult, we're here to simplify your life and help make you happy.

Seduction Genie normally offers this guide for $49.95, but for a limited time they are offering an instant download straight to your computer for only $37...and you don't even have to worry about paying horrendous shipping costs and long waits as it's sent immediately straight to your computer! It also saves you the space of another product you need to make space for in your place (although you'll have this one out so much you won't need to find space for it!).

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Order now and learn to attract and become absolutely irresistible to any guy you want with these proven, guaranteed methods.


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