How To Save A Marriage



If we told you that you could save your marriage in exchange for the 5 minutes it takes you to read this article, would you do it?


It's never easy to admit that your marriage needs help. You made a huge commitment to be with your spouse and the last thing you want to do is live your life without them. Don't give up - though your marriage has seen some pretty nasty times there are still things you can do to save your marriage and live life with your spouse like every day is your honeymoon.

Can you still picture that perfect day where the two of you stood side by side and exchanged vows, pledging to be with and love one another for the rest of your lives? Wouldn't you give anything for the both of you to feel that way again about each other? You were both filled with so much love for one another that looking back, it seems impossible how things ended up. Small disagreements led to arguments, arguments led to yelling, yelling led to ignoring one another and that led you to where you are now.

Maybe your spouse knows you're seeking advice to save your marriage, maybe they don't. Either way, you've taken a step in the right direction in seeking help. You know as well as anybody that your relationship didn't deteriorate overnight - it happened in steps. The same process is true in saving your marriage - it happens in steps. There is no "miracle cure" for saving a marriage - it will take some work. The good news is that half the work is already over - if you've made the effort to come here for advice in saving your marriage, you're more than up to the challenge ahead that will help guarantee you save your marriage.

Now we know what some of you are thinking - "How much effort on my part is this going to take?" If you're asking this, you better leave now and start drawing up the divorce papers. If you're thinking about how much effort it's going to take, your heart is truly not in the marriage. If however, you're willing to do anything to make your marriage work, you may be surprised to learn that it doesn't take nearly as much effort as you may think. More than anything, it requires patience. If you are committed enough to to saving your marriage as we hope you are, you'll do whatever you can to bring back your marriage from the point of no return. As mentioned, it just takes the will for you to want save your marriage, and the patience to be committed to the process. If you possess these two qualities, you are well on your way to saving your marriage.


Now, Do You Want To Save Your Marriage?


Good. We've now established that you're committed enough to your saving your marriage for it to work. All you need now are the knowledge and skills to arm you with the power to do this thing you want so much. During the process, try to visualize your success and see how things will playout in your mind once you do save your marriage. The more you visualize it, the more motivated you are to do it and the easier it will be for you. Your spouse will soon recognize your desire to save your marriage and will most likely inspire them to do the same - and when the both of you are doing everything you can to make it work, it will work!

However, all the desire and visualization in the world isn't going to be enough to guarantee you the success of saving your marriage without the right tools and knowledge to help. Saving a marriage requires all these things - desire, committment, tools, knowledge and of course love. In this case though, knowledge IS the tool. If you know how to save your marriage and are able to learn from people who have done it before, you too can do it. Of course, tips from professionals in the field wouldn't hurt either.

Imagine having some sort of marriage-saving self help guide that could help take you throught the process step by step - sure would be cheaper than forking over a hundred dollars an hour for a marriage counsellor. Plus, you know your marriage better than anyone - and as much as a marriage counsellor knows marriages, they've never been there with you and your spouse for every moment of your relationship.

We also know how much you hate being told what to do and when to do it - you want to make this happen (and succeed) on your own terms, not by sitting in front of some doctor who's trying to convince you that you don't know how to effectively communicate with your feelings. The truth is, you know how you feel and have an idea how your spouse feels, its just that you're having trouble conveying this to each other without being distracted by whatever else is going on in your lives (be it work, debts, habits etc.).

The key is to set some time alone for just the two of you and talk to each other one on one about just your relationship, and vow to never get into anything else that's putting a strain on your marriage, like the above mentioned items. Take some time to really get to know your spouse all over again - and this means more than just casually asking them how their day was in passing. You could even make a game of it...each day try and learn something new about your husband or your wife, and at the end of the week, reiterate to them everything you've learned from them in the past week. You'll be surprised at how impressed they are with your initiative to help your marriage, and you may even begin to see romance come out of the fact that you're showing them how much you care about not only your marriage, but about them as a person.

When it comes right down to it, there is absolutely nothing more important to you than your family, and your closest family is your spouse. Think about it - since they're the most important thing to you, why would you let something less important like work or your current financial situation take priority? Don't let your spouse play second fiddle to whatever else is going on in your life. They are here to be with you, and together you can work out whatever it is that is straining your marriage - and that is just it. Your marriage is the answer to your marital problems.

The only catch is trying to get your marriage to work for you - not against you.



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